Back To Life As We Knew It?

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As the physical world begins to open up to us again, I find that my inner world is conflicted. Months of sheltering allowed me to not only do many things I felt I never had time for (actually take the online course I paid for long ago, creatively use food stockpiled in my pantry, deep clean almost every room in the house), it also provided me with the opportunity to accept many things. I find that shaggy hair with "silver" roots doesn't ruin my day, and that the technology that's available to stay connected with friends, family, and clients isn't really so scary (I've actually grown quite fond of Zoom!). In many ways, I feel as if the isolation opened up my world to new ways of thinking, doing, and being. There's a part of me that feels sad about going back, albeit slowly and gradually, to the way things were. Another part of me feels grateful and even excited to know that the opportunity exists for permanent change if I choose to embrace the lessons I've learned. Life always provides us with choices. We just need to look into our hearts and minds to choose for ourselves.