Mindful, even joyful, moments

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It can be hard to find joyful awareness amidst the stressors of everyday life. How often have you said, "This was a terrible week for me"? Whether it be bleak winter weather, colds or flu, work responsibilities, anything at all, reflecting on recent times can feel overwhelmingly negative. I stumbled upon a method that brings joy and perspective to my life. Maybe it will work for you, too! When I encounter something that brings a smile to my face, I take a picture with my phone. My goal is at least one photo per day. The pictures may be of beautifully decorated cookies on a lovely plate, a single flower with luscious petals, a child's lemonade stand, or my dog's paw prints perfectly imprinted in fresh white snow. At the end of the week, I scroll through the photos I've taken. They provide me with perspective on the "terrible week".....with all of these recorded moments that brought light and joy to my life, what if I focus on them instead of the collective negative that I decided to emphasize? It won't erase the stressors from our lives, yet it will remind us of the cherished moments that can sustain us through difficult times. Give it a try, and let me know how it works for you.