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Back To Life As We Knew It?

As the physical world begins to open up to us again, I find that my inner world is conflicted. Months of sheltering allowed me to not only do many things I felt I never had time for (actually take the online course I paid for long ago, creatively use food stockpiled in my pantry, deep clean almost every room in the house), it also provided me with the opportunity to accept many things.

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The Mindful Dog Eats

As I was working on the course curriculum for Mindful Living's "Healthy Relationship to Body & Food", I coincidentally gave Prudence a new kibble for breakfast. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are notorious for being picky eaters, and she's no exception. In her nearly two years of life, I've probably donated more food to the Humane Society that she refuses to eat than she's consumed in that time. This morning, however, her pickiness interested more than frustrated me given the topic in which I was immersed.


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