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Mindful, even joyful, moments

It can be hard to find joyful awareness amidst the stressors of everyday life. How often have you said, "This was a terrible week for me"? Whether it be bleak winter weather, colds or flu, work responsibilities, anything at all, reflecting on recent times can feel overwhelmingly negative. I stumbled upon a method that brings joy and perspective to my life. Maybe it will work for you, too! When I encounter something that brings a smile to my face, I take a picture with my phone. My goal is at least one photo per day.

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Dealing with Life Changes

Change, whether good or bad, can be stressful. Our brains process change as something unknown and previously unexplored, which triggers the fight, flight, or freeze response that has allowed humans to thrive and evolve over time. Adrenaline flows through the body, creating a physical chain reaction that can be motivating, harmful, or both if it overwhelms the system. Some things to manage positive or negative stress during times of change include:


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